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our services under your brand.

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Our Referral Program allows you to leverage your sales and entrepreneurial skills to create a new long-term stream of income for yourself.


Earn Money with Our Referral Partner Program for Connecting Us with Your Network/Clients

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Web Vital Solutions Partner Program

When there is a need for additional resources, Web Vital Solutions can be that bridge that connects the clients’ needs with your company. Our Partnership Program = our services under your brand.

Offering a wide range of services, Web Vital Solutions works with individual and business partners that have limited resources or technical expertise when there is a need for assistance with UI/UX, Web design & Development, Mobile app design & Development, Digital Marketing and SEO.

After going over a project details and receiving quote approval, we provide updates from the beginning to the end of the development process.

Your Client | Our Code | Your Label


  • Pay-per-project. Receive a fixed-price quote on all projects.
  • Resources are available on demand with no long term contract.
  • Receive a discounted hourly rate on all services we offer.
  • You maintain full ownership of the work we offer.


  • Available for conference calls with your clients.
  • Complex project? We’ll do the research for any technical requirements.
  • Quality testing all projects. We also warranty our code for 6 months after launch.
  • 100% transparent communication.
Take advantage of our experience, innovation and dedication
to help your business grow.